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A bank clerk provides transactional support to banking customers. Here are some tips to help you find great candidates and make the right hire for your business.

Why hire a bank clerk?

Hiring a bank clerk will not only fulfil an essential function for your financial institution, but also aid in workplace productivity. Bank clerks process deposits and facilitate withdrawals and other banking transactions for customers. Having a dedicated person on your team to oversee this aspect means your customers will be well provided for and confident in their bank.

  • Assisting customers with financial transactions
  • Customer support
  • Accountability for customers’ financial transactions
What are the experience levels of bank clerks?

Junior clerk: Entry-level position with little to no experience. New clerks typically are educated to A level and can train on the job.

Senior clerk: Experienced bank clerks will oversee and help other less senior clerks with any issues or problems.

Head clerk: Managerial clerk position with many years of banking experience. Trains and supervises new clerks and will oversee the most banking routines. They can also take on various customer services roles on the front end.

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